Author: Commissioner Hosfelt

What’s New for District 2


Kent County Levy Court Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

All funds combined, Kent County Levy Court has adopted a budget of $58,937,750 for fiscal year 2019.  The County is financially and operationally responsible for public health and safety, sewage collection and treatment, drainage, planning and zoning, parks and recreation and custodial responsibility for public records.  Highlights of the budget are listed below.

General Fund Operating Budget Overview

The General Fund is the principle operating fund of Kent County Levy Court.  This fund consists of departments that provide general governmental services to the citizens of Kent County.  The primary revenue sources of the General Fund include property tax, realty transfer tax, and fees for services.  Other sources include other taxes, state and federal grants and miscellaneous sources.

  • The total General Fund Operating Budget has been set at $30,849,750.
  • There are no property tax increases for Fiscal Year 2019 and Resolution 3684 has confirmed the Property Tax rate for FY 2019 to be 30 cents ($.30). The tax rate of $.30 is per $100 of net assessed value.
  • Inspection and Enforcement Fees will stay consistent with the rates established with the FY 2018 rate.
  • Record of Deeds Fees will also stay consistent with the FY 2018 rate.
  • Funding was approved for a new Database Administrator position within the information Technology Division.
  • The Director of Economic Development Division has been eliminated and in its place the county will support the Kent Economic Partnership with grant funding in the amount of $100,000.
  • FY 2019 General Fund Capital Projects are budgeted for $3,064,000.

Sewer Fund Operating Budget Overview

The sewage collection system services over 100,000 County residents and expansion of the system to accommodate developing areas is continuing.  The county operates a centralized sewage treatment facility providing treatment service to the cities and towns of Dover, Smyrna, Camden, Wyoming, Milford, Clayton, Cheswold, Kenton, Little Creek, Leipsic, Felton, Magnolia, Frederica, Hartley and Harrington as well as, unincorporated areas.   The County sewer collection and treatment facilities are operated as a separate fund which is self-supporting.

  • The total Sewer Fund Operating Budget has been set at $18,592,400.
  • There are no rate increases for Fiscal Year 2019
  • FY 2019 Sewer Fund Capital Projects are budgeted at $1,745,000.



What’s New for District 2


Land Use Issue – Southwest corner of DE Rt. 8 and Artis Drive.

The applicants/owners of the property wanted to develop the current residence into a home occupation/life consultant business.  The current property is located outside the growth zone and the Regional Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend denial of the application.  After hearing from the property owners and the neighbors who reside in this area I voted against the proposed land use.  As I am sure everyone realizes, this property sits outside the 2nd District but I was concerned with the traffic and issues it would create at the intersection of Route 8 and Artis Drive.


Land Lease with Toys for Tots

Kent County currently owns the property located at 26 Starlifter Avenue within Kent County AeroPark.  The property was the former location of Monster Racing and includes a single story 9,800 square foot commercial building.  By a unanimous vote, Levy Court approved the lease of this property to Toys for Tots for $1.00.  The Marine Corps Reserve Unit will be using this property as a base of operations, with warehousing of donated toys and other gifts items, packaging of the gifts and ultimately distribution of the packaged gifts.  Thank you to the Marines Corp Reserve Unit for your great work and dedication to the children of Kent County.

2018 Comprehensive Plan Workshop

For the past several months Planning Services staff members have been publishing elements of the Plan in a story map form while also drafting the Plan document.  The story maps are available on the county’s Facebook page as well as the county website.    You can find all of the story maps at: and our Facebook page at:  We anticipate the first draft by mid-October.


Public Hearing – Delaware Transit Corporation Reimbursable Transportation Budget

Resolution 3659, FY 18 Delaware Transit Corporation Reimbursable Transportation Budget was introduced.  This resolution was developed to promote cost effective transportation to the elderly and disabled within Kent County.  The funding comes to Kent County through the Delaware Transit Corporations annual budget and the county is responsible for disbursing the funds, a total of $647,426.00.  These funds were disbursed to six different senior centers, including the 2nd Districts Modern Maturity Center, along with Kent/Sussex Industries.


There were two fee increases discussed and approved.  The first, a fee to increase the cost of usage with the Recorder of Deeds by $5.00 was approved.  This fee will offset the increasing costs of technology needs with both the Recorder of Deeds and other county offices.  A second fee increase of $20.00 proposed by the Clerk of the Peace was approved.  Again the fee increase was necessary to cover the increasing costs of this office.  Bottom line, both fee increases only affect the user, not all county taxpayers.


Over the last year, much has been written about DE Turf and deservedly so.  What a great facility.  Soon after the election in March, I had the chance to visit the facility and was extremely impressed with the facility, staff and all those involved in making this a reality.  On August 8th a proposal was brought forward to lease county owned property (approx. 3.5 acres) to DE Turf for $1.00 a year on a 3 year lease.  While I support DE Turf, I didn’t believe a three year lease is in the best interest of the taxpayers.  Instead, I proposed a one year lease or, a three year lease with both sides having an opt-out clause.  While I appreciate this was not in the best interest of DE Turf, I still believe it would have been in the best interest of the taxpayers, should an entity come along and want to purchase the property.


The Murphy property consists of 25.35 acres and is located on the east side of DE Rt. 1, south of the DE Turf complex and is outside of the current growth zone.  The Murphy’s requested their property be rezoned to BG (General Business) so they could develop it for commercial use.  Following much discussion and eventual agreements between the Murphy’s and their neighbors regarding the property, I voted in favor and with the majority of commissioners for the rezoning.


I was appointed Finance Committee Chair and in this role with Levy Court I will be working with the Kent County Finance Director, Susan Durham and her staff.  I believe this to be a great opportunity and appreciate the appointment by President / Commissioner Banta.